What is ArtNet?

  • A space to encourage and support local people who want to make art
  • A space to see differently, question assumptions and respond to life’s issues
  • A space to build relationships with other  people
  • A space to explore and develop the imagination

"I believe that art remains a powerful tool for communicating. It can stop you in your tracks, challenge perceptions, engage people emotionally, even break the rules of superficiality."

Join us

Our first meeting is on Saturday 2nd March, 10.30 – 12.00, with pastries, yoghurt, cereals and drinks from 10.00 am.

For info about venue etc. text or call Morris Gallagher on 07917116183.

At the first meeting

  • There will be an opportunity to share briefly where you are in your artistic journey. 
  • A reflective discussion stimulated by looking together at some paintings and/or photographs curated by the leaders
  • A discussion about group needs, and how we might help each other to grow creatively


What is art?

That’s a good question, but not an easy one. Our definition is very broad.’ Art’ can be painting, photography, drawing, writing, sculpture, music making, video games, using textiles, poetry etc. There are no limits although it often says something about us and our world.

Do I need to have done art?

The short answer is ‘No.’ You could be an established artist, make the occasional artwork or just want to ‘have a go’ and learn how to express yourself by creating something. As artists we need encouragement and support as it’s easy to struggle alone.


Morris Gallagher, social documentary photographer, Gateshead

 Richard Dobson, painter, prints, pastels, Gateshead

Janet Gallagher, painting and textiles, Gateshead


SAW – Shieldfield Art Works. Excellent community-engaged arts organisation in Newcastle 

Can anyone join?

Yes. This project is supported by Hope Community Church Low Fell as part of its commitment to encourage and grow cultural awareness in Gateshead. Another of our initiatives is our Movies@Hope group which examines the culture of movies. ArtNet is not a ‘religious’ group although it will explore issues of life, death and beyond. It  is open to people of faith and no faith.