June meeting - clay work with Richard

The 'Great Pottery Throwdown,' but without the judging!

At this second meeting, we hand-built pots and sculptures based loosely on the theme of ‘Mercy.’ Most of us had not worked with clay before, but Richard Dobson set us on the right path with a demonstration and gave guidance. Have a look at the preliminary productions in the following images.

The pots have to be fully air-dried then baked in his kiln. At a later date we or/and Richard will paint/glaze or perhaps Raku fire the pieces. That date, which will be in the next month, will be advertised on our What’sApp group.

Next session

At the next meeting on Saturday 28th September, we will use the medium of photography around the theme of ‘Life is difficult.’ You will be able to work with a small group or on your own. You only need a camera phone. There will be; 

  1. The opportunity to show work you have created, including finished pots!
  2. Some inspiration from Morris Gallagher and other photographers
  3. Teaching about how to take good photos – using the 4F’s framework

Note: the teapots and plates in the left are by Richard and not the students! You can see more of his pottery on Facebook. If you are interested in buying or commissioning work email or contact his website.


Contact Morris Gallagher at 07917116183 if you want to join a meeting, or our WhatsApp and online Workspace.