Chris Evans

Leadership Team
My greatest desire is to help people to put their hope in the Lord Jesus Christ, here in Low Fell and beyond.

Don Sinclair

Leadership Team
My heart is for those who are on the edges of society and who are struggling in their personal lives. I have seen people in hopeless situations find help, support and faith by joining our church community.

David Beeley

Leadership Team
One of my favourite Bible passages describes how God can lift us out of a bad situation, however desperate things may seem, and put us in a good and safe place. That’s the message of hope that I want to bring to our communities.

Dan Strange

Leadership Team

Director of Crosslands Forum, co-chair of The Southgate Fellowship, contributing editor of Themelios, and author of ‘Plugged In’ and ‘Making Faith Magnetic’.

Jennie Morgan

Children's Leader

The children and youth are an integral part of our church community allowing people of all ages to learn and worship together. Jennie Morgan is the Children’s Leader. Send us a message if you want more information about our children’s work.

Joy Evans

Youth Leader
The Youth Group meet on a Sunday and at their own group during the week to plan and do bible related and fun activities. Send us a message if you want more information about our youth work.

Jackie Beeley

Child/Adult Safeguarding Coordinator

Leadership team

The leadership team is the key decision making team. The purpose of the leadership team is to assist the elders to plan and conduct the work of the church. The elders meet weekly, and the leadership team meet monthly.

The team is made up of the four Elders (Chris Evans, Don Sinclair, Dave Beeley, Dan Strange) and Tim Sims, John Morgan and Morris Gallagher. The latter trio have roles in leading home groups, teaching, IT and communications.


One of the main duties of the trustees is to ensure that the church is fulfilling its charitable obligations. The trustees are David Beeley, Don Sinclair, Matthew Hopper, Morris Gallagher and John Morgan..